Super Bowl Betting USA

The NFL or National Football League of America is a long-established institution and has earned worldwide respect through its maintenance of high football standards. It’s thanks to them that football is always such a thrilling spectator sport, and the undisputed highlight of the NFL betting calendar is the Super Bowl.

Any game is more exciting when you have some greenbacks riding on the outcome, and Super Sunday enthusiasts will get the same thrills from wagering as any other sports fans do. The online American sportsbooks that we review offer some fantastic promotions and bets for the event, and we want to help you get the most from them. To find out more about the ins and outs of Super Bowl betting, check out our guide to different bets.

As very simple and common bets, these are a perfect place to launch your Super Bowl betting career. They are easy to research and the percentage that most online American bookies charge you to place them is quite low.

The underdogs are awarded the spread number to start them off, and the favorites have the same number taken away from them. This means the stronger team starts with a handicap, which much be exceeded before their supporters can be paid out. As more people place bets the spread does change, but the only thing that moves it significantly is an injury report so keep on the lookout for those.

These are straight bets and don’t involve point spreads. The only thing you need to do is say who you think will win the coveted Lombardi trophy. The online betting sites that we review generally use American odds, meaning that the positive version of a number is given to the weaker team and the negative version is given to the stronger team.

If, for example, the number is 200 the underdogs will have a +200 and the favorites will have a -200, with odds of 1/2 and 2/1 respectively. If you back the weaker team and they win, you will be paid out $2 for every $1 you wagered. By contrast, if you back the stronger players and they win, you will need to bet $200 to get paid out $100.

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Total Wagers

These are also known as over/under bets. You need to predict whether the total final score will be under or over what the bookmaker has said. They’re among the easier and more popular wagers at most online American betting sites, and are a great choice if you believe the total score will be especially low or high.

Propositional Wagers

Affectionately nicknamed props, these are available for special and popular events only, and Super Bowl betting is as special and popular as it gets. There are usually several props on offer in the format of one of the wagers mentioned above. They involve very specific occurrences, from the legitimate to the silly. For example, you can bet on who will score the first touchdown just as easily as the flavor of Gatorade that will be going over the head of the winning side’s coach’s head. They’re a great way for American bookies and bettors to have some fun on Super Sunday.

Super Bowl Betting for You

If you are like most Americans you will be watching the game, so you might as well enhance the excitement and festivities with a little Super Bowl betting. Use our guidelines to find the best and most trustworthy American online betting sites, and then immerse yourself in the action.