Best Tote Betting Online in America

The online betting sites in America are better today than ever before, and offer truly fantastic options and markets. Different wagers are better for different situations, and choosing the one that is best in a certain set of circumstances is an artful skill that has to be developed over time. One of the most essential skills for horse race betting punters to develop is placing the most appropriate totes, and other bets, for different settings. To learn more about the best online totes, read on.

Totes are also called Pari-Mutuel or Pool bets, and as the name suggests they involve all the wagers that have been placed on one event being pooled together. After the race the winnings are shared out according to the final odds. One of the things that make these bets so exciting, and such a popular choice among savvy American punters, is that the odds can change right up until betting closes, as the size of the pool changes.

There are many different kinds of Pool bets, and you will soon get to know them all. Each is better in different situations and at different times along your path of punting development. To help you get the most from your time at online bookmakers in America, we have outlined a list of the best online totes below.

  • Wins and Places, as the simplest possible bets, are great for beginners. In a Win, you must predict which horse will win, and in a Place which will come in second or third. The two can be combined with an Each Way bet, where you must name the racers you thing will come in the first three spots.
  • In Trifecta and Exacta bets, you need to name the winners of the first three or two places, in their correct order.
  • The popular Quadpot requires you to choose the horses who will win or place in the third to sixth races of one day’s events. The Placepot is similar, but you must name horses for the first to sixth races in a day.
  • The Jackpot, another Quadpot variant, requires you to predict the winners of the first six races in a day. This is more challenging, but the returns are also more rewarding. In fact they are so generous that we recommend putting a small Jackpot bet in with your other totes, because there is less risk but even these smaller wagers can be eye-watering. For an exotic version of the Jackpot try the Scoop 6, where the six races you need to predict winners for can come from anywhere in the day’s line-up and are usually the most challenging.
  • One of the best online totes, and definitely the most exotic, is the Swinger. Here you must name two horses and then have them come somewhere in the first three positions.
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The Best Online Totes for You

As you spend time at USA online betting sites, you will learn what suits your style and what the best online totes and other bets are for you. As you grow and develop these may change, so let this happen naturally and make sure you review your needs regularly. We will always have the support and advice that you need along the way.