Boxing Betting Online USA

Boxing is a sport most Americans are familiar with. The sheer action and drama of a major boxing match attracts spectators and sports fans from all over the country. Since the inception of the sport many years ago, people have also been betting on the outcome. Today competitive boxing has become one of the biggest betting sports in the USA. Since most people cannot attend the actual fight, online boxing betting has become extremely popular. With online betting, anyone in the US can place any number of bets on any fight held anywhere in the world. With more and more international fights being broadcast or streamed live, local bettors can place their bets online and sit back and watch the action unfold.

For those who are new to the sport, in Boxing Betting, there are actually quite a number of betting options available. These betting options cater for both the novice and the expert bettor. To begin with there is the standard win/lose bet where bettors bet on a specific fighter to win the bout. From there bettors can choose to bet on whether it will be a knockout with or a TKO decision. Bettors can also bet on which round the fight will end, how the fight will end and which fighter gets in the most punches. In some cases, there will be multiple fights on a night’s bill. In these boxing betting situations, some online bookmakers will actually take bets similar to those for horse racing, allowing an online bettor to up their odds by picking the winners of multiple fights for the evening.

For the novice sports bettor, the national fights are probably the best to start with. The timing of these fights will be more suitable for those who wish to watch the outcome of the fight they are betting on. Also the US coverage of these matches will be better leading up to the event, giving local bettors the best possible information about the matchup. Usually the biggest boxing betting opportunities are with the highlighted international fights. With these fights, millions of sports fans from all over the world rush to place their bets before the fight. With live betting, bettors can also place bets during the bout.  If you have a keen eye for how fight is progressing, this is for you.

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Placing the Right Bet on Boxing

In boxing betting, choosing a winning fighter should be based on past performance and current fitness of the fighter in question. Bettors should take into account where the fight is being held as well as the mental and physical preparation of each fighter. For accurate betting, bettors should research the current status of each fighter and be well informed on the professional opinions of boxing experts. If a boxer is on a winning streak, it is most likely he will continue, but this is never a guarantee as each bout is different from the ones before. If there is a rematch, historical results are the best to go on. If you are interested in trying out online boxing betting, you have come to the right place. You can find the best US online sports betting sites right here, simply select one of our suggested options and wager on your favorite boxer or fight with ease.