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Online betting in America has never been better than it is right now. There are many more markets available than is possible in land-based bookies and you can access them from the convenience of your own home or, with mobile handsets, from anywhere that your daily life might take you. The limitless resource of the Internet is also available whenever you want to research a betting prospect.

Having so many opportunities available is really fantastic but it can also be a little overwhelming, which is where we come in. We review the finest and most trusted online betting sites in America, so you can choose where to wader based on your own preferences without having to worry about safety and fairness. To help you get the very best from online punting, we also provide in-depth sports betting guides for almost every sport you can imagine betting on. Before putting any money of your own down, read on to learn more about our guides.

Whether you are a seasoned wager or a newcomer to American online betting sites, we want to support you. Our sports betting guides will help you with every kind of bet and offer advice that will be helpful at every stage of your betting journey. You’ll find information on how to choose who to back and what bets are best to place when, and specific data on current situations such as a team’s recent wins or losses. As your style evolves, we will be here to support you.

As you spend time at the great online American sports betting sites that we review, you will get to know what markets and wagers work best for you, and your own strategy will evolve. Our in-depth sports betting guides will be invaluable as you progress, but to get you going we have outlined some basic pointers here.

The most popular sports to bet on in America are probably NFL and NBA betting games. Besides the winning and losing streaks and other basic statistics, we recommend checking the team’s leadership, offensive line and ownership when placing NFL bets. For NBA, NHL, soccer and baseball games, find out who the favorites and underdogs are, and by how much, and then read through our guide on the different bets carefully. There is lots to check about boxing matches which make them a great starting point, and you should try to find out the trainer, reach, age and height of a fighter. Be sure to note who the favorites are when putting money on golf and tennis matches, and stay on top of any new developments such as weather changes when you are betting on any game in any area.

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With our sports betting guides, American betting site reviews and other articles, we want to give you all the information you need to make your own choices and then place your wagers with real confidence. We are honored that you have chosen to share your online betting journey with us, and will do everything we can to earn and keep your good faith.