Horse Racing Tips USA

Horse racing betting has been popular the world over for hundreds of years, and today it is just as popular in the online bookmakers in America. Deciding how you want to bet and who you want to back is as important as watching breathlessly to see if your favorite wins, and trustworthy horse racing tips are often very useful to punters when they make these important decisions. These tips can be found easily enough in online chatrooms and forums, but applying them properly is much more challenging. To help you learn how to do just that, check out our guidelines.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you understand all the betting possibilities that are open to you. When you have a firm grasp of these, you’ll be able to combine them with horse racing tips and other information to make shrewd decisions. As you spend time at the online American betting sites we review you will soon come to know what works for you, but to start you off we have listed the most common wagers below.

  • The simplest bets are Win and Place, and many promotions are based on these. All you do is name the horses you think will win or will place second or third.
  • As you become more confident you can try many exotic bets such as Exactas and Quadrellas.
  • You can also run a series of punts across different events using multi bets such as Parlays.
  • Besides standard bets, you can also place special wagers when they are run on specific events.

The next thing you need to do is find out as many statistics and other pieces of data that you can about the competing horses. This is quite easy to do online in America, and you should check the win/loss percentages, winning streaks and anything else you can find. Be sure to check for the jockey as well, because the horse and rider work as a team.

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Find and Consider Horse Racing Tips

After you have investigated all the facts that you can, check the available racing tips. Make sure that you choose sites with lots of traffic and many favorable comments, preferably from your fellow American bettors. When you are new to a site, make smaller bets until you feel confident that you can trust the tips you get.

Measuring the Betting Odds

Your last careful consideration should be measuring the odds on the horses. Backing a sure thing does not guarantee large returns, and if you get reliable horse racing tips about a long shot they could help you gain a tidy windfall from the American bookmakers we showcase. If you feel unsure and want to be confident you will take something away, you might choose to back the favorite. Every situation is different, so give each one individual attention.

Refine Your Strategy Continuously

The more you wager and win, the more you will know how to stake according to your own style and the more you will be able to trust your own intuition. When you are considering horse racing tips this is especially important, so make sure you always give your own instincts a chance to be heard. To start trying out these tips for yourself, check out some of the great American online sports betting sites that we have reviewed now.